Quislings Back Anti-LGBTQ Laws In Fox News Op-Ed

Log Cabin head Charles Moran writes for Fox News:

We can’t be bullied into silence. Simply put, LGBT conservatives don’t buy into the Woke Left’s radical notion that sex and gender are meaningless. Their demands have nothing to do with LGBT rights, and everything to do with their years-long campaign to strip away sex and gender as significant mores of Western society under the guise of “equality.”

Disney peddled lies from Left-wing activists about the bill — that it was somehow anti-gay — to hide it’s real intent to stop educators from teaching young children that their gender doesn’t matter.

Log Cabin Republicans was proud to speak out against the Democrats’ and Disney’s lies about the Florida law and defend parents — including LGBT parents — who are concerned about what their young children are being taught in school.

As long as the Woke Left pushes this radical war and deceptively hides it behind the banner of “equality,” LGBT conservatives will be at the frontlines fighting back.

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