QAnon Televangelist Stages Protest Outside Disney HQ

The Christian Post reports:

A prominent Christian worship artist organized a massive protest in front of Disney’s California headquarters as the company continues to face backlash over its response to a parental rights bill passed in Florida.

Sean Feucht, the worship artist at Bethel Church and the founder of the Let Us Worship movement, held the “Hold The Line for Our Kids” rally at the Disney Studio Lot in Burbank, California.

“We call for every wall of perversion to come down in Jesus’ name,” Feucht proclaimed. “We call for every wall to strip the innocence of our kids to come down. God, we pray that you would expose Disney for what it is, expose this corporation, bring everything that’s been hidden into the light.”

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Last week Feucht held a similar march through West Hollywood’s gay business district.

Feucht made national headlines during the pandemic for multiple large concerts held in defiance of local lockdown orders.

In October 2020 he led 35,000 maskless evangelicals in a prayer event at DC’s National Mall.

In 2019, the megachurch tied to Feucht made international news when it held a multi-day vigil to resurrect a dead two-year old girl.

Feucht ran for the US House in 2020, losing finishing last in the open primary, 46 points behind the Democratic winner.

Since then he’s toured the country at QAnon events.