Pastor Who Inflicted Gospel Songs On Trapped EasyJet Passengers Compares Criticism To “Jesus’s Persecution”

The Christian Post reports:

A video posted by Pastor Jack Jensz Jr. of his ministry team worshiping aboard an airplane in mid-flight has amassed over 35 million views online. “I didn’t post it to stir anything up,” the Australian-born pastor shared in an interview with The Christian Post. “It was actually just a post to share with our friends and encourage our friends that have been following our journey.” The minister captioned the video, “We are taking this flight over for Jesus!”

After the clip went viral, it created an uproar online. People had varying opinions about what took place. For Jensz and his team, however, it was another miraculous ministry opportunity for them as they saw God move in a significant way during their entire trip. The pastor believes the criticism he and his team have received is what’s expected as a follower of Christ. “They persecuted Jesus and persecuted the disciples. This is the cost,” Jensz maintained.

Read the full article. As you can see below, the tactic appears to be spreading. Jensz claims to have gotten permission for singing from EasyJet’s pilot and crew.