Notorious Riot Suspect Rejects 70-87 Months Plea Deal

Law & Crime reports:

Richard “Bigo” Barnett became one of the faces of the incursion at the Capitol when he was pictured sitting in the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) with one boot-clad foot resting firmly on her desk. He allegedly took an envelope from her desk but left behind a quarter. He left behind a note that he says definitely didn’t contain a sexist slur. According to prosecutors, he had a stun gun with him the whole time.

On Tuesday, Barnett’s lawyer Joseph McBride told U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper that his client has rejected an offer from the government to plead guilty to a federal obstruction charge in exchange for dropping all the other charges against him, including theft of government property and disorderly conduct in a restricted building with a deadly or dangerous weapon. McBride said that the sentencing guidelines would result in a prison term of 70 to 87 months.

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