MI Gov Candidate: Whitmer Staged Kidnapping Plot

The Detroit Metro Times reports:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Garrett Soldano shared a conspiracy theory Thursday that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer plotted with the FBI to “fake her own kidnapping” in an effort to have a “direct impact on the 2020 election results” after two suspects were found not guilty last week.

“Michiganders deserve an answer. As we all saw last week, the FBI conceived a plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer and preyed on Michiganders to push it along,” Soldano said in press release, without providing evidence.

“Did Gretchen Whitmer play a role in these targeted efforts to influence the 2020 election? Was Gretchen Whitmer working with the FBI to fake her own kidnapping?”

Read the full article. Soldano first appeared on JMG in February when he declared that rape victims shouldn’t have abortions because God sent them those rapists.