Man Gets Three Years In Attempt To Crash Train Into Navy Hospital Ship In Order To Prove QAnon Claims

Courthouse News Service reports:

A train engineer was sentenced to three years in prison for intentionally derailing a train near a Navy hospital ship in San Pedro, California, because he believed it was part of a government conspiracy to get rid of healthy, open-minded people.

Eduardo Moreno, 46, pleaded guilty this past December to having committed a terrorist attack against a railroad carrier. He admitted he intentionally derailed the train near where the USNS Mercy was docked two years ago. The hospital ship had come to help alleviate the pressure on LA-area hospitals in the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic.

After his arrest, Moreno told law enforcement that he was suspicious of the hospital ship and that he wanted to draw attention to it because he believed the ship had an alternate purpose related to the pandemic or a government takeover.

Read the full article. Lawyers for the man claim he was having a psychotic episode due to untreated bipolar disorder. My April 2020 report on the incident is here.