GOP Sen. Thom Tillis Rages About Madison Cawthorn

GOP Sen. Thom Tillis rages about Cawthorn to Politico:

He’s got temperament and judgment issues. He’s made comments at the worst possible time with respect for president Zelenskyy, called him a thug, now he apparently has this insider trading thing which just needs to be handled like everybody else. If there’s no problem there, there won’t be any problem with having transparency in it.

His political ambitions exceed his ambitions for his constituents. When he decided he was going to run in another district and he tried to lead people to believe that his district was split, he was leaving behind 80 percent of the people he represented. He made that decision 11 months into his freshman tenure.

Don’t go out in western North Carolina and say you brought broadband there when you voted against the very bill he criticized me for to get there.

There have only been two times in my brief political career where I’ve endorsed a challenger to a sitting Republican. One was Chuck Edwards, the other one was me when I challenged a two-term Republican in the statehouse.

I want a delegation that works together, I don’t want a delegation that gets together — minus one — and talks about the challenges that member is causing.

Last weekend a Republican PAC aligned with Tillis launched a $300,000 local ad campaign condemning Cawthorn as a do-nothing liar.

NOTE: Many of you have sent me links to yesterday’s Daily Mail piece which recounts Cawthorn and and a male staffer who is also his “third cousin once removed” engaging in some homoerotic horseplay and Venmo messages back in 2018. From what I can tell, it’s just a silly bro behavior that may have been leaked to rile up the anti-gay base. There may be something to the questions about how the cousin has been paid and I’ll keep an eye on that.