GOP House Candidate: My Two 2016 Votes Were Legal

Manchester’s ABC News affiliate reports:

Republican 1st Congressional District candidate Matt Mowers is facing questions about his voting record after documents show he voted in the 2016 presidential primary in New Hampshire and New Jersey. Mowers said his two votes were perfectly legal.

“I voted in total compliance with the law,” he said. “I voted here in New Hampshire in the presidential primary when I was living in Manchester, and in a totally separate election — totally separate election — while living where I was working in the New York area, because remember, I was working out of Trump Tower,” Mowers said.

Under New Hampshire’s law prohibiting double voting, if the election in New Hampshire and the election in another state are held on different dates and a person legitimately moves their domicile between the two states, they are in the clear. So, the federal law would be more in question in this case.

Read the full article. As you’ll see in the second clip, Mowers’ opponents are calling for him to drop out.