Georgia Gov Signs Bills Banning “Offensive” Library Books, Trans Athletes, And “Divisive” Racism Lessons

Atlanta’s ABC News affiliate reports:

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has of signed a slew of education bills into law Thursday morning — with a number of them stirring controversy. During an event at the Forsyth County Arts Learning Center, Kemp joined his family, lawmakers, and students to sign the bills.

“We put students and parents first by putting woke politics out the classroom and off the ball field,” Kemp said.

Bills that include empowering the state school athletic association to exclude transgender athletes, banning books, and censorship and race, were all signed into law. “We weren’t elected by the people of this state to shy away from doing what some may call controversial,” he said.

CNN reports:

Among the bills signed on Thursday was HB 1084, known as the “Protect Students First Act.” The law defines “divisive concepts” as, among others, those that teach “the United States of America is fundamentally racist; an individual, by virtue of his or her race, is inherently or consciously racist.”

Kemp also signed into law HB 1178, known as the “Parents’ Bill of Rights,” which provides greater transparency to parents and legal guardians regarding what their students are being taught, and SB 226, which bans literature or books deemed to be offensive in nature from school libraries.

HB 1084 also sets up an athletic executive oversight committee in the state that has the authority to establish a ban on transgender women participating on sports teams consistent with their gender at high schools in the state.