GA Gov Candidate Rips Up Photo Of Kemp And Purdue, Boasts “I Believe In Jesus, Guns, And Babies” [VIDEO]

“In Georgia, we’re done with establishment twin buddy system. [Rips up photo.] I’m Kandiss Taylor. I’m a mother, a wife, and a public school educator.

“And I’m so sick and tired of people who bend their knee and are bought off. And that’s why I’m running to give you a voice.

“I believe in Jesus, guns, and babies. And I believe in putting the Constitution first.

“I’m gonna tear down the establishment crooks in Atlanta.

“Vote May 24th, Kandiss Taylor. I’m the one you’ve been waiting for.” – Kandiss Taylor, graduate of Pat Robertson’s Regent University.

The accent feels right out of an SNL skit.