Former Disney CEO Blasts “Don’t Say Gay” [VIDEO]

CNN Business reports:

Bob Chapek, Bob Iger’s successor, initially opted not to speak out against the controversial law. But corporate executives should voice their opinions about ethical dilemmas, Iger recently told CNN+ host Chris Wallace.

“A lot of these issues are not necessarily political,” Iger told CNN+ host Chris Wallace. “It’s about right and wrong. So, I happen to feel and I tweeted an opinion about the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill in Florida. To me, it wasn’t about politics. It is about what is right and what is wrong, and that just seemed wrong. It seemed potentially harmful to kids.”

Speaking Thursday on CNN’s “New Day,” Wallace noted that his interview with Iger was conducted a few weeks ago.

USA Today reports:

Iger also said that the law “would do exactly what it shouldn’t do.” “And that is to foster compassion and understanding and acceptance and enable young kids who might be gay to feel more confident, more comfortable, more part of society, if it could be discussed freely, as opposed to kept in the closet,” he continued.

On CNN+, Iger told Wallace that CEOs need to accept the responsibility “that they’re going to have to weigh in on issues, even if voicing an opinion on those issues potentially puts some of your business in danger.”