Florida Approves Ron DeSantis’ Racist US House Map

Florida Politics reports:

The Legislature has approved a controversial congressional map from Gov. Ron DeSantis, set to take effect ahead of the 2022 midterms unless a court quickly decides otherwise. The House on Thursday picked up the reapportionment bill passed the prior day by the Senate. The lower chamber of the Legislature passed the bill through a party-line vote of 68-34.

That only occurred after a protest disrupted proceedings. As Democratic debate time ran out, Rep. Yvonne Hayes, a Gainesville Democrat, was comparing the fight for minority access seats to the Civil Rights movement.

As her mic was cut, Black lawmakers including Reps. Angie Nixon, of Jacksonville, and Tray McCurdy, of Orlando, began a sit-in on the floor, both revealing T-shirts that read “Stop the Black Attack.”

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