Convicted GOP Rep Spent $1M In Campaign Donations To Defend Himself Against Campaign Donation Charges

The Daily Beast reports:

A federal disclosure submitted last week shows the Fortenberry campaign chucking nearly a million dollars into a legal sea over the first three months of the year, about $100,000 more than it had in the bank to begin with. The vast majority of that money vanished into costs associated with the Republican’s failed legal defense, including nearly $600,000 in attorney’s fees in the months before his March trial.

But Fortenberry wasn’t tapping the campaign only to pay his lawyers. He also dipped into the account for travel and meal expenses for himself and his family during the trial. ($1,000 at a DoubleTree and $690 at the LAX Westin.) While it’s not abundantly common for campaigns to pick up personal legal expenses, Fortenberry’s case is the exception that proves the rule. Candidates are permitted to draw on donor funds for expenses that they would not have incurred if they weren’t a federal official or candidate.

Read the full article. There’s so much more, including something shady about a vintage Ford truck. Fortenberry’s sentencing is scheduled for late June. Each of his three felony convictions carries a potential five-year sentence. He plans to appeal.