Charlie Crist Targets Orlando With “DeSanTAX” Ad

Florida Politics reports:

“DeSanTAX.” Oops. Spoiler alert. That’s the punchline of a new TV commercial that Democratic gubernatorial candidate and current Rep. Charlie Crist is launching in the Orlando market.

It attacks Gov. Ron DeSantis’ legislative culture war battle with the Walt Disney Company. The ad charges that Governor’s Disney ire could result in tax increases in Orange and Osceola counties or perhaps statewide.

The 30-second ad, “DeSanTAX” is a response to the Special Session effort last week to push through and sign SB 4C. It set the clock ticking to abolish Walt Disney World’s special district government in June 2023 in response to the Disney’s perceived disloyalty toward DeSantis’ political agenda.

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