Blaze TV Hosts Joke About Murdering Trans Children

Mediaite reports:

Blaze TV Host Elijah Schaffer joked at length about killing trans kids in a recent interview in response to a claim from an unnamed person that “genocide” is being committed against trans people. The full conversation was graphic enough that it was edited out of versions of the show that were posted to Apple and Spotify.

Schaffer, who lives in Texas, was joined by co-host of Louder with Crowder and fellow Texas resident Dave Landau, who laughed and said “Yeah, we all have to put a trans kid and drag them behind a truck.”

“They come in a tackle box, it’s like a half dozen. And you kill them any way you want, it’s pretty good. Only in Texas though,” Landau continued. “I didn’t know that cause I’ve been killing them everywhere so I better stop.”

Read the full article. Blaze TV is owned by Glenn Beck.

There’s much more “joking” about murdering trans children in the clip at the link above.

The segment has also been excised from the YouTube version of the show, at which point an announcer interrupts with, “This is the part of the show where Elijah talks about things he shouldn’t have and then Dave Landau eggs him on and makes it even worse so it can’t be on the main internet but you can go to for the full uncensored video.” That bit is cued up below.