Bannon Guest: “Woke Communism” Started Back In The 1950s When We Let “Women Out Of The Home”

Media Matters has the transcript:

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Is there an all-out war, and you see this in the Supreme Court nomination, is there an all-out war on the American family and they’re coming for the kids to do this and they’re going to use the children to destroy the relationship between a parent and a child and therefore destroy the nuclear American family?

TERRY SCHILLING (AMERICAN PRINCIPLES PROJECT): The –and thanks for having me, Steve – the target has always been children and that’s why they went after the families.

The Marxists, the woke communists as my friend Tom Klingenstein likes to call them, they have always wanted to go after the next generation, right. That’s the future of your country is the children.

And the family is the ultimate bulwark against tyrants, against creepers, and against people that want to destroy your country.

And so all of these assaults, and this started in the ’50s and ’60s when we started to get women out of the home, started to denigrate the housewife, started to denigrate wives in general and they made the economic conditions so terrible for the family that we don’t even have kids anymore to protect.

But the assault and the target has always been against children because they are the future and that has been what drives them all.