Top Political Site “The Hill” Removes Comments Section

From the editor in chief of The Hill:

You’ve likely noticed some changes to our digital experiences. We’ve upgraded The Hill’s website, video player, newsletters, and mobile apps.

These updates provide a solid foundation for our mission to provide free, relevant, trusted, and actionable information about policy and politics to more Americans.

Our new website is responsive, which means it intelligently adapts to your screen size. We’ve decided to remove comments from stories, as there are many other forums to participate in conversations about our reporting.

Read the full statement. As some of you may know, The Hill arguably had the most active Disqus comments section of any political site, with some posts getting tens of thousands of responses. The site was also unusual for its seemingly even mix of hardcore Trumpists and liberals, causing them to employ a team of moderators to keep things relatively civil. That said, articles on LGBTQ issues typically brought an avalanche of abusive posts.