Tony Perkins: LGBTs Are Controlled By “Demonic Spirits” And Are The “Zenith Of Rebellion Against God” [VIDEO]

“This whole thing with LGBT is the zenith of man’s rebellion against God. The Creator who created us in his own image, we’re saying, ‘No, we will decide—not biology, not science—we will decide what our gender is.’ 

“That is the only explanation for how people are surrendering to this agenda, how adamant the advocates of this agenda are, and why we as believers in Jesus Christ who love people and do not want to see our children condemned to confusion for the rest of their lives must speak the truth of God’s word.

“Jesus made very clear there are two genders, not 52. We can never accommodate darkness. I’m going to be very clear about this tonight: Those that are opposing us on these issues are not our enemies.

“We know that our enemies are spiritual. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal. Our enemies are not flesh and blood; they’re the spirits, the demonic spirits that control so much.” – Tony Perkins, speaking at a Washington church.