Russia Expands Airstrikes To Western Ukraine [VIDEO]

The Washington Post reports:

The Russian military widened its campaign in Ukraine on Friday with airstrikes on new targets in the country’s west, Ukrainian officials said, while satellite imagery indicated that Russian forces are maneuvering in possible preparation for a new push against the capital, Kyiv.

Ukrainian authorities said Russian forces carried out strikes overnight Thursday in Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk, in western Ukraine, and that Dnipro, in central Ukraine, was also attacked. Satellite imagery showed the apparent redeployment of forces that have been stalled for days outside Kyiv.

An influx of foreign fighters could soon join the invasion force after President Vladimir Putin directed Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Friday to “help move [volunteers] to the war zone.” Shoigu said Russia has received more than 16,000 applications from volunteers, mostly in the Middle East.

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