REPORT: Loony QAnon/JFK Cult Erupts In Infighting

Vice News reports:

QAnon figure Michael Protzman’s predictions have torn families apart, leading husbands to divorce wives and children to disown parents. Followers have also been left destitute after donating all their money to the group. Protzman has claimed that a coming “global reset” will wipe out all their debts.

The latest conspiracy the group has clung to is that the Ukraine war is part of a plan to uncover President Joe Biden’s criminality and replace him with JFK, who is very much alive and hiding in plain sight, disguised as former President Donald Trump.

The group has dwindled in size from over 100 to just over a few dozen, and in recent weeks the group has split into at least three factions, with each splinter group making wild allegations against the others.

Read the full article. There’s much more crazy within.