Perkins Rages That “No Christians Are Allowed” In NYC Mayor’s Administration After Firing Of Anti-Gay Advisor

Via email from the hate group leader Tony Perkins:

Not too long ago, there was at least this understanding about hot-button issues: there are good people on both sides. Now, thanks to the woke hijacking of America’s towers of business, tech, sports, education, and entertainment, those days are long gone.

Anyone who disagrees with the Left now is not only undeserving of respect — but cast out like a societal leper. It doesn’t matter how mainstream your beliefs may be.

As the firing of Kathlyn Barrett-Layne in New York City proved, there’s no room at the table for anyone with Christian views.

She barely held the position for a day — long enough, it turns out, to have the city’s LGBT activists out for blood. Of all of Mayor Eric Adams’s (D) picks, she was the perfect candidate for his Panel on Educational Policy.

A retired teacher, assistant principal, and field supervisor with more than 30 years of experience in NYC schools, Barrett-Layne had one glaring problem: she’s an orthodox Christian.

The city’s extremists must not have scoured her name until the appointment was announced, but it didn’t take long for them to find a fireable offense.

Once you feed the beast, it only gets hungrier. LGBT activists won’t be happy until they take out every Christian in the mayor’s young administration.

As I reported yesterday, Barrett-Layne has written a book in which she compares homosexuality to pedophilia.

You’ll note that Perkins fails to mention the other three anti-LGBTQ pastors recently hired by Mayor Adams.