One Million Moms Vs Lume Vaginal Deodorant [VIDEO]

Via email from hate group leader Monica Cole:

Lume, a “deodorant for everyone’s everything,” needs to be called out for its latest commercial. The ad discusses that their product is safe to use everywhere on your body, including armpits, privates, and feet.

But the commercial doesn’t stop there; it specifically mentions lady bits, testicles, chesticles, buttcracks, and sweaty backs. The ad begins with the founder and CEO of Lume, Dr. Shannon Klingman, who is also an OBGYN.

Klingman appears between her patient’s knees and table stirrups, as she asks, “So why am I hanging out between these stirrups? This is where Lume was born!” With that statement, Klingman pretends that her product is delivered from under the patient’s hospital gown.

“As a woman, I have spent my fair share of time in this seat, self-conscious about my bottom half draft,” continues Dr. Klingman, now sitting on an examination table herself.

Then, the crude commercial ends with a double entendre, mentioning that Lume can also be used on the balls…of your feet. For extra emphasis, the camera zooms in on a male’s crotch then pans to a close-up of his feet.

This commercial is entirely too specific and too graphic for television. The details are over the top when simply mentioning “private parts” would have sufficed. Lume’s commercial would be inappropriate for television no matter what network it aired on.

But there is an even greater concern that the commercial is airing when some children could still be awake watching TV. Lume has crossed a line that should have never been crossed.

TAKE ACTION: Please sign our petition urging Lume to cancel these inappropriate commercials immediately!