OAN Host Suggests Ukraine Bombed Its Own Hospital

“I know as a vet, our country’s guilty of it, other countries do it all the time. During war, there’s propaganda. Today we learn that a hospital was hit. Children were killed, dozens were injured, right? In Mariupol, in Ukraine.

“Russia immediately says, we didn’t hit that hospital. They’re saying Russia did. We know there’s special operatives and, if you will, undercover forces within the Ukrainian military that do Zelensky’s bidding.

“I’m not saying somebody staged this to make things look worse, but they haven’t denied other — hitting other stuff. They immediately denied hitting this hospital.

“And we know there’s been false stories out in the media already about this war.” – OAN host Dan Ball.

Ball last appeared on JMG when he asked viewers to send him “dirt” on the chairman of AT&T after DirecTV decided to stop carrying the network.

Before that, we heard from Ball when he claimed that “thousands of people” have died from COVID vaccines.