OAN Host And TX GOP Rep Agree: Let’s Invade Mexico

Media Matters has the transcript:

REP. STEVE TOTH (TEXAS HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES): And for all the liberals out there that want to send our boys over to Ukraine to save lives –

DAN BALL (HOST): How about we send them to the border?

TOTH: How about our own border?

BALL: Exactly.

TOTH: Honestly, we should. We’re at the point where we should go into northern Mexico and occupy it –

BALL: Yes.

TOTH: – if that’s what it’s going to take to keep our people safe.

Ball last appeared on JMG when he suggested that Ukraine is bombing its own hospitals.

Before that we heard from him when he asked viewers to send him “dirt” on the chairman of AT&T after DirecTV decided to stop carrying the network.

His first appearance here came when he claimed that “thousands of people” have died from COVID vaccines.