“Not A Person” Riot Suspect Again Denied Release

Law & Crime reports:

The corporeal form of the Pennsylvania pizzeria owner who allegedly fought her way into the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 will remain behind bars, despite her sovereign citizen-inspired arguments that she is “not a person,” a federal judge ruled.

Pauline Bauer, 54, allegedly demanded that D.C. police “bring Nancy Pelosi out here now” because she and other Democrats “need to hang.” Representing herself, she has tried, and failed, repeatedly to invoke sovereign citizen talking points to spring herself out of jail pending trial.

Since her arrest in May, Bauer has repeatedly failed to comply with the conditions of her pretrial release, resulting in McFadden ordering her back to jail in September.

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Bauer first appeared on JMG when she declared herself to be an “ambassador of Christ” who is immune from the law.

In September, she was literally dragged away screaming after repeating that claim and demanding that all charges be dropped against “God’s vessel Pauline Bauer.”

She is representing herself as “I, Me, Pauline Bauer the Living Soul, A Creation of God.”

As I reported back in May 2021, prosecutors say Bauer screamed “bring out that fucking bitch Pelosi” for hanging.