New CBS Hire Mulvaney Attends Anti-Cheney Fundraiser

This is going just great:

CBS’s newest contributor, former acting Trump Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, attended a fundraiser Wednesday night for Rep. Liz Cheney’s primary opponent Harriet Hageman.

CBS’s decision to hire Mulvaney raised eyebrows and sparked furor within the news organization as multiple journalists and CBS employees expressed their frustration with the move to the Washington Post.

“I know everyone I talked to today was embarrassed about the hiring,” one anonymous employee is quoted as telling the Post.

The Washington Post reports:

The reaction from CBS News employees to Mulvaney’s hiring was as chilly as the reaction on social media, where many journalists and political commentators suggested that the network was jeopardizing its long history of journalistic excellence.

In February 2020, while serving as President Donald Trump’s interim chief of staff, Mulvaney said that media coverage of the growing coronavirus pandemic was meant “to bring down the president.”

He also infamously defended a Trump administration decision to withhold military aid from Ukraine for political purposes, and predicted in a Nov. 7, 2020, Wall Street Journal opinion column that Trump would gracefully accept electoral defeat.