NC Senators Blast Cawthorn Over “Orgies And Cocaine”

It’s not the just his own House Freedom Caucus who are upset with Madison Cawthorn:

There’s really only one question these days for North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn: Who? As in, who are the people that allegedly invited the Republican congressman to orgies in Washington? And who are the people who he allegedly witnessed doing cocaine? Cawthorn’s allegations were the likely subject of his meeting Wednesday morning with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Minority Whip Steve Scalise.

Here’s North Carolina Republican Sen. Thom Tillis on Cawthorn’s claims: “I thought about the statement. If it’s true, then he’s got a lot of information to reveal. If it’s not true, then he’s guilty of being untruthful.” And here’s North Carolina’s other Republican senator, Richard Burr, when asked about Cawthorn’s job performance: “That’s for his constituents to figure out but clearly he’s been an embarrassment at times.”

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