Militia Member Guilty Of Felony Assault On DC Cop

Washington DC’s CBS News affiliate reports:

A Texas militia member pleaded guilty Thursday to one felony count of assaulting police with a dangerous weapon – a move that could result in years of prison time and potentially set up a legal fight over double jeopardy.

Lucas Denney appeared for the second time in a week before U.S. District Judge Randolph Moss to enter his plea. He’d upended an earlier hearing on Monday meant to be about dismissing the criminal complaint against him when one of his attorneys said he intended to plead guilty instead.

On Thursday, after repeatedly asking Denney if he understood what he was doing, Moss accepted his guilty plea. Because the charge is a violent felony, Moss ordered Denney to remain in custody while he awaits sentencing, which was set for June 9.

CNN reports:

In attempts to recruit others, Denney sent Facebook messages saying it would be a “historic rally” and that he had “plans to meet with about 1 thousand other guys that we are all in a Intel chatroom together,” according to the court documents.

In one of these recruitment messages, Denney wrote “It’s the rally Trump has called for. It’s the day that Congress is going to try and certify the results with the electorial [sic] college. But Pence oversees that and he can deny the ones from the states that cheated.”

Denney wrote that Trump wanted them in attendance to fight alleged Black Lives Matter protestors and Antifa.