MI Officials Raise Red Flags Over Trump Rally Venue: This Is Non-Drivable Farmland, Have Wreckers Ready

The Macomb Daily reports:

At a special meeting of the Washington Township Board of Trustees, officials approved a temporary agreement for vehicles to park on township owned land for a political rally to be held at the Michigan Stars Sports Center. “This is farmland, this is not residential drivable land and things could get ugly quickly,” said Treasurer Mike Nicley. “If our experts are saying that it is not working, it’s dangerous or it’s risky, I am not in favor of it.”

Paul Bowers, who owns a home and land near Michigan Stars, knows what an influx of vehicles can to do the already deteriorating dirt roads leading to the venue. “That road is impassable,” he told the board. “You guys better have wreckers ready and have a fleet of them.” The event will be headlined by former President Donald J. Trump who will stump for local Republican candidates running for office in Michigan. The rally is scheduled for Saturday April 2.

Read the full article. Let’s hope for thunderstorms.