Megachurch Pastor Says Heaven Has Premium Sections

The Christian Post reports:

Ed Young, the pastor of the multi-site Fellowship Church in Texas, said in a sermon Sunday there are levels of hierarchy in Heaven and warned Christians who do not use their spiritual gifts to serve God’s kingdom will not be elevated to a higher position when they die. “I think for too many Christians, we’re like, ‘OK, I’m a Christian. I’ve got that get-out-of-Hell card. And that’s fine with me.’ Well, it should be much more than that,” Young told his Grapevine-based congregation.

The apologetics website disputes the claim that there are multiple levels in Heaven, while saying there will be “different rewards” in Heaven. “The concept of different levels of heaven may have come in part from Dante’s The Divine Comedy in which the poet describes both heaven and hell as having nine different levels,” states the website. “The Divine Comedy, however, is a fictional work. The idea of different levels of heaven is foreign to Scripture.”

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I’m sure you can guess how Pastor Young, a multi-millionaire, says you can get into heaven’s VIP section.