Homocon Rioter: “Don’t Say Gay” Is Great, Send Money

From convicted homocon rioter Brandon Straka:

Dear Patriots, Let me get right to the point. Last week Florida Republican Representatives advanced a bill, HB 1557, which is essentially an “anti-grooming” bill which empowers parents.

The whackos on the left in the Oppression Industry decided to grab ahold of this bill and label it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. All hell broke loose.

Hollywood celebrities called for a boycott of Florida. Students were encouraged to leave school and attend sit-ins.  Democrat Elected officials began running through government buildings shouting the word “GAY”. No, I’m not making any of this up.

The story was quickly becoming a national headline to malign Republicans- and we all know why. The Democrats have thoroughly screwed the pooch this year and they need to pull a rabbit out of a hat going into midterms.

They decided to do what they always do- manufacture a crisis to exploit a minority community.

I knew I had to do something. So I contacted the author of the bill, Florida State Rep. Joe Harding. I asked Harding if he’d do a #WalkAway event with me to clear up all the BS about this bill. He enthusiastically said YES!

Then I got a co-sponsor of the bill on board, Florida State Rep. John Snyder. And THEN- I contacted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis‘ press secretary Christina Pushaw, and she said she LOVED the idea and SHE is joining in!!!

Then today there was a SHITSTORM (excuse my French) on Twitter when the left found out about this. Democrat State Reps in Florida went CRAZY- losing their minds about it.

This is going to be SO. GOOD. As usual, the Republican Party is content to do nothing and allow Republicans to be assassinated. Well- I’m not going to do nothing. I’ll keep doing what THEY SHOULD be doing.