Fox Countersues Smartmatic, Claims False Revenue

Axios reports:

Fox News is suing the voting machine company Smartmatic in a bid to counter the latter’s defamation suit against the network. Fox now alleges Smartmatic exaggerated the financial damage caused by the reports, an alleged violation of a New York statute that deters lawsuits aiming to discourage free speech. Smartmatic stands “to make nearly $2 billion in annual revenue in 2025,” over four times its highest reported revenues in the last nine years, Fox argued in the complaint.

Deadline reports:

Last week, New York Judge David Cohen rejected Fox News’ efforts to dismiss Smartmatic’s defamation lawsuit, which it filed last year over the network’s amplification of unfounded claims that it rigged the 2020 presidential election. He found that there was a “substantial basis for plaintiffs’ claim that, at a minimum, Fox News turned a blind eye to a litany of outrageous claims about plaintiffs, unprecedented in the history of American elections, so inherently improbable that it evinced a reckless disregard for the truth.”