Florida Paper Blasts DeSantis For Racist US House Map

From the Palm Beach Post editorial board:

Gov. Ron DeSantis to Florida: If your skin is dark, don’t vote. DeSantis has stepped in with a proposed map of Florida Congressional districts even more partisan than the ones the Republican-dominated state Legislature proposed. He would redraw the map to diminish the ability of Black voters in northern and central Florida to elect candidates of their choice and which tilts against a Hispanic district for good measure.

For his part, DeSantis has nothing to lose, other than his soul. Even when courts slap down these GOP shenanigans, as they did during the last redistricting a decade ago, his making a show of minority suppression benefits him in some quarters. It feeds ideological red meat to many who either feel threatened by the state’s increased diversity, or who just see this as a winning strategy and don’t care about such “woke” concerns as the Voting Rights Act.

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