FL To Advise Against COVID Vax For “Healthy Children”

The Hill reports:

Florida’s Department of Health will recommend against coronavirus vaccination for “healthy children,” the state’s surgeon general said Monday, contradicting the guidance from the CDC and other experts.

Florida “is going to be the first state to officially recommend against the COVID-19 vaccines for healthy children,” state surgeon general Joseph Ladapo said at the end of a roundtable discussion on the virus response.

Ladapo did not provide details such as who would qualify as a healthy child, or go into the reasoning for his decision.

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Ladapo, who has refused to disclose his own vaccination status, is affiliated with the far-right anti-vax group, America’s Frontline Doctors.

Last month the Florida Senate approved him as state surgeon general despite reports that he lied about having treated COVID patients while working at UCLA’s hospital.

During his confirmation hearing, he repeatedly refused to say if he believes that COVID vaccines are effective.