DC Trucker Welcome Rally Is Humiliating Flop [VIDEO]

The Washingtonian reports:

A rally on the Washington Monument grounds Tuesday to support trucker convoys has drawn a minuscule crowd so far. About 20 people are in attendance, Washingtonian photographer Evy Mages reports from the scene, as well as a similar number of people who are there to cover the event.

The rally was organized by Kyle Sefcik, an MMA fighter and independent candidate for governor in Maryland. Sefcik was also the organizer of a convoy called Freedom Convoy USA 2022, which was due to arrive in DC Tuesday but fizzled out when only five trucks showed up in Las Vegas.

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Sefcik’s permit application to the Park Service predicted that up to 3000 would attend today.

For what it’s worth, TikTok has been flooded with live-streams showing multiple trucker convoys around the country.

Nobody knows how many will eventually appear in DC, but some of them planned to arrive ahead of tonight’s State of the Union address.