Court Strikes Down NY’s Dem-Drawn US House Map

Gothamist reports:

A Steuben County judge has struck down the recently redrawn congressional and legislative maps for New York, ordering the state Legislature to “submit bipartisanly supported maps” by April 11th.

In an 18-page ruling, Acting State Supreme Court Judge Patrick F. McAllister said the maps, drawn every 10 years after the latest U.S. Census count, were unconstitutionally and politically drawn by the Democrat-controlled state Legislature.

The Hill reports:

If they are unable to submit new maps by April 11, “the court will retain a neutral expert at State expense to prepare said maps.” McAllister’s order is a major blow to Democrats, who designed New York’s new congressional map to give them a heavy advantage over the next decade.

While New York has a bipartisan commission charged with drawing new maps, the Democratic-controlled state legislature can simply draw its own maps if it rejects the commission’s proposals. The result was a new congressional map that heavily favored Democrats.