Candace Owens: “Ukraine Wasn’t A Thing Until 1989”

Media Matters has the transcript:

CANDACE OWENS (HOST): Wow, “genocidal colonization” is interesting. Again, going back to my point about people being stupid, you know – he’s not trying to commit a genocide of the Ukrainians.

That obviously makes no sense because there’s very – there is no difference, ethnically, between Ukrainians and Russians, obviously.

Ukraine wasn’t a thing until 1989. Ukraine was created by the Russians. It was, you know, they speak Russian. So, it’s absolutely ridiculous.

And, again, this entire episode has been exposing to you how ignorant people are about the goals of Vladimir Putin.

He has goals. The goal is not just to get rid of Ukrainians. That makes entirely no sense. It would not be helpful for him.

As you’ll see in the clip, Owens goes to call people who don’t know her version of Ukrainian history “stupid.”