Texas GOP State House Candidate Complains That Students Aren’t Allowed To Ridicule Trans Kids [VIDEO]

The Insider reports:

A Texas House of Representatives candidate and former teacher was recorded at a forum complaining that she couldn’t let “kids laugh at” transgender classmates. Shelley Luther, a salon owner and former school Spanish teacher who is running to represent Texas House District 62 in northeast Texas, was recorded by the Houston Chronicle while speaking at a candidate forum on Saturday.

In the recording, Luther can be heard speaking about the transgender community and her experience teaching transgender students. “I am not comfortable with the transgenders,” she said. “The kids that they brought in my classroom when they said that this kid is transgendering into a different sex, that I couldn’t have kids laugh at them. Like, other kids got in trouble for having transgender kids in my class.”

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If Luther’s name rings a bell, that’s because she appeared on JMG multiple times in 2020 when she reopened her hair salon in defiance of local lockdown orders and was jailed for a week after tearing up a cease-and-desist order from a Houston judge.

As was quickly learned, the entire stunt had been staged by an anti-lockdown group. Luther, who had taken $18,000 in bailout money, got another $500,000 in crowdfunding donations.

She was visited for haircuts by Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin, appeared on The View, and even launched a run for the state senate, losing by 13 points.

The group behind the stunt had set up her donations page in advance of her reopening the salon, leading many to suspect that they had shopped around for the right martyr.

In April 2021, the Texas Supreme Court voided her arrest.