Peter Thiel Invests To Launch Pro-Trump Dating App

Axios reports:

Peter Thiel is injecting $1.5 million into a seed round for a new conservative dating app called “The Right Stuff,” a source familiar with the funding tells Axios.

Conservatives have been aggressively building their own apps, phones, cryptocurrencies and publishing houses in an attempt to circumvent what they see as an increasingly liberal internet and media ecosystem.

The person behind the app is former Trump political aide John McEntee. Asked for comment, McEntee said, “We’re excited to launch The Right Stuff dating app this summer. Conservatives deserve an easy way to connect.”

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Thiel also has a stake in Rumble, which earlier this month offered Joe Rogan $100 million to leave Spotify.

McEntee first appeared on JMG in December 2020 as the primary figure behind a “loyalty purge” in the Trump White House in which staffers were threatened with firing if they cooperated with the Biden transition.

In November 2021, McEntee was subpoenaed by the House riot committee. You may recall that he was booted from the White House for time in 2018 after a background check revealed a “prolific habit” of online gambling.