Ottawa Police Clash With Defiant Protesters Who Are Pushing Kids Between Themselves And Cops [VIDEO]

CTV News reports:

Large numbers of police officers are moving in on protesters in downtown Ottawa and making arrests during an intense clash with the demonstrators who have so far refused to leave the area. Images show police moving slowly on a relatively smaller line of protesters, with some being pulled out of the group and onto the ground before being arrested.

Protesters have linked arms, standing face-to-face with police while chanting “freedom,” “hold the line,” “my body, my choice” and singing the Canadian national anthem. Police say protesters are putting children between their operations and the protest site, adding, “The children will be brought to a place of safety.”

The CBC reports:

Police were seen smashing the window of one truck to pull the occupant out and arrest him. Protesters who refused to move were arrested one by one before they were taken away by pairs of officers.

Police in high-visibility yellow jackets moved in large groups, several ranks deep, along Rideau blocking the road and slowly moving protesters toward the National War Memorial and Parliament Hill.

Behind those ranks of officers were tactical teams wearing green camouflage-type gear and carrying heavy automatic weapons. Police horses with mounted officers also moved toward the line of protesters confronting police officers.