Oklahoma Hospital Files Restraining Order Against Anti-Vax Pastor After Trucker Dies Of Something [VIDEO]

Oklahoma City’s NBC News affiliate reports:

Mercy Hospital has filed a restraining order against the founder and director of an Oklahoma church group that’s been protesting outside the hospital and making threats against hospital staff on social media.

“People are dying, not because of Covid but literally because they’re following Fauci’s death sentence,” Daniel Navejas told News 4 last week. The group was there because Bob Barth, a church member, was battling COVID-19 in the ICU.

In a recent press release, the group called Mercy Hospital an “evil Marxist controlled death camp” going on to claim Barth was “murdered.” The documents say Barth’s wife took “a dangerous, dubious claim that Budesonide is a ‘silver bullet cure’ for COVID-19 as truth.”

Read the full article. You can read about Barth, who was a trucker, on today’s entry at Sorry, Anti-Vaxxer.