NYC Mayor Mulls Exemption For Anti-Vax NBA Star

The New York Daily News reports:

In a sign that Kyrie Irving could be fully available for the Nets later this year, two major figures, including the one with ultimate power, questioned New York City’s vaccine requirement for hometown pro athletes on Wednesday. Irving is the only player on either the Knicks or Nets who has refused to take a COVID vaccine, leaving him ineligible for home games, and road games at Madison Square Garden, where the Nets visit Wednesday night.

“I think the rule is unfair,” Adams said Wednesday. “We are saying to out-of-town athletes that they can come in and not be vaccinated, yet New York athletes, you have to be vaccinated.” Adams said he has weighed the negative public health consequences of giving Irving a high-profile exception. “To start changing it now, I think it would send mixed messages,” he said. “I’m struggling with this, just to be honest with you.”

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