Miami Beach Cops Give Stopped Motorists Advice Flier With URL To Store Selling “Fuck Biden” Merchandise

The Miami Herald reports:

In Miami Beach, getting pulled over by city police didn’t just mean a ticket for some drivers. Officers also handed them an invitation to check out a website selling Trump 2024 merchandise.

A city police flier in circulation until last week explaining how to resolve minor traffic tickets online dropped a crucial hyphen for a Miami-Dade County courts website, steering drivers away from a bland judicial portal and to an online store selling flags, videos and caps celebrating former President Donald Trump.

Offerings at include Trump 2024 camouflage caps, a DVD exploring the possibility of a “one-world centralized government” without Trump in the White House, and two Trump-themed flags featuring the obscenity “F***” (one paired with “Biden”, the other with “Your Feelings.”)

Read the full article. The deceptive URL now redirects to a website offering advice on how to file complaints against Florida judges. A spokesman for the Miami Beach police is describing the fliers as merely containing a “typographical error.”