Hate Pastor Complains He’s Being Hexed And Getting Dildos In The Mail Because He’s Exposed Six Witches

The Christian Post reports:

Pastor Greg Locke, who exposed the presence of suspected witches at his church in recent weeks, says he’s being threatened with death, hexes, sex toys and glitter bombs for preaching about deliverance from evil. The Tennessee pastor’s ongoing crusade to promote deliverance in American churches began generating national headlines after he said a demon told him the names of six witches in his congregation during a deliverance session at his church.

“Everybody is mad about the thing I said about calling out witches,” he said. “They are real. They know they’re real. They’re not hiding the fact that they’re real. It’s just that the Church is too unbiblical and ignorant to recognize witchcraft, sorcery and spells and curses when they see them. Locke added that the Church of Satan sends him postcards every day.

Read the full article. Locke last appeared on JMG earlier this month when he “revealed” that two of the six witches in his congregation are men.

RELATED: Locke, of course, is most infamous for claiming that there’s no such thing as COVID and that the vaccine is totally a Satanic/Nazi plot by the deep state to take away bibles and guns. He first appeared on JMG in 2020 when he threatened to kick in the teeth of a teenage Dunkin’ Donuts employee for asking him to wear a mask in the store. Shortly afterwards, Christian sites reported that Locke had been cheating on his wife with a much younger church secretary. He and his wife then divorced and he married his mistress. Locke was banned by Twitter in November 2021.