Gay Man Shouts “Hail Satan!” And Tosses Bible Onto Bonfire As Cultist Pastor Holds Book Burning [VIDEO]

The Nashville Scene reports:

Pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Greg Locke [photo] decided to turn it up a notch by organizing an old-fashioned book burning. The books included millennial staples like Harry Potter and Twilight — hits of the early Aughts that were targeted by Christian book burnings back in the day. In a sermon preceding the bonfire, Locke described beefing with “Free Mason devils” and said “I ain’t gonna be ‘suiciding myself’ no time soon.”

Locke also said people aren’t mad that they were burning books, but mad because of the books they were burning — implying that his critics, even other pastors, were devil and witchcraft supporters. There was one counter protester in attendance. The man threw a book into the fire and claimed it was the Bible while holding up copies of Fahrenheit 451 and On the Origin of Species.

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From the description of the YouTube clip below:

Husband and I went to a book burning in Mount Juliet Tennessee Thursday, before joining atheist and pagan counter protesters across the street playing Highway to Hell and Harry Potter on a projector. Video of us as my husband throws a Bible in and declared he was saving Darwin’s Origin of the Species and Fahrenheit 451 as he held them up to the crowd. It took him shouting “I Burned a Bible” several times before they stopped cheering and realized they’d been had – they aggressively threw us out but we had a chance to disgust them with a kiss before we left.

Watch every second.

RELATED: Locke, of course, is most infamous for claiming that there’s no such thing as COVID and that the vaccine is totally a Satanic/Nazi plot by the deep state to take away bibles and guns. He first appeared on JMG in 2020 when he threatened to kick in the teeth of a teenage Dunkin’ Donuts employee for asking him to wear a mask in the store. Shortly afterwards, Christian sites reported that Locke had been cheating on his wife with a much younger church secretary. He and his wife then divorced and he married his mistress. Locke was banned by Twitter in November 2021.