FL Bill Lets Businesses Sue To Block Local Ordinances

Florida Politics reports:

A bill enabling businesses to sue governments and halt enforcement of local ordinances is heading to its final committee after again advancing on a party-line vote Wednesday.

The measure (HB 403) would freeze any ordinance for 90 days if a filed lawsuit claims its rules are “arbitrary or unreasonable.” The bill would also require governments to draw up a “business impact estimate” for every ordinance.

Upon being sued, governments that choose not to roll back the ordinance in question and lose the lawsuit would have to cover up to $50,000 of a plaintiff’s legal fees, costs and related damages.

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“Local ordinances” would include city and county level LGBTQ protections. Florida is among the 22 states without full statewide LGBTQ protections.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Mike Giallombardo [photo], has a trolling tweet from Elon Musk pinned to the top his feed.

In the video below, he serves as a warmup speaker at a Trump rally in his Florida district.

In a clip that’s available on YouTube only, he fires a handgun because he’ll “fight for you.”