CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread

Billboard Magazine reports:

When Shaylee Curnow — better known to her fans as Peach PRC — set out to record her latest single, the Australian TikTok star had a specific vision in mind: a sarcastic, flippant track making fun of God.

Weeks later, that song, aptly titled “God Is A Freak,” has officially been released via Republic Records. Throughout the seemingly sunny pop song, Curnow pokes and prods at the many inconsistencies she’s noticed in the way a divine being treats human sexual desire while tragedies take place around the world.

Curnow says that the instant attention given to “God Is A Freak” still blows her away — since she “leaked” her chorus, her original TikTok video has received over 2 million views and 400,000 likes, while the sound has been used over 7,000 times by other app users.

Religion News Service reports:

The song has permeated “ex-vangelical TikTok” — the domain of those who deeply question or who have rejected their conservative Christian faith. “God Is a Freak” has also been picked up as a soundtrack for homemade videos by other former Christians and non-religious users.

In many of the “God Is a Freak” TikToks, the song plays in the background while users share about finding healing after abandoning what they’ve experienced as restrictive and harmful teachings on sexuality.

The song asks why God watches people having sex and suggests that God has “f—ed up priorities.” For the TikTokers who embrace it, the song is an anthem about freedom from the trauma some have said they suffer after being brought up in evangelical environments.

Read the lyrics below.