Carlson: AOC Isn’t A Latina, She’s A “Rich White Lady”

“No one has done more personally to degrade American womanhood than Sandy Cortez has. She is living proof that 60 years of feminist liberation did not work.

“Sandy Cortez is not empowered. She’s neurotic and silly. She’s far more frivolous than any 1950s housewife ever was. June Cleaver was a more serious person. At least she made dinner.

“There is no place on Earth outside of American colleges and newsrooms where Sandy Cortez would be recognized as a quote, woman of color, because she’s not! She’s a rich entitled White lady.

“She’s the pampered obnoxious ski bunny in the matching snowsuit who tells you to pull up your mask while you’re standing in the lift line at Jackson Hole.

“They’re all the same. It doesn’t matter what shade they are.”  – Tucker Carlson, referring to a new book about AOC.