Arizona State Reps Intro Bipartisan LGBTQ Rights Bill

The Associated Press reports:

A bipartisan group of Arizona lawmakers that includes the Republican House speaker announced Monday they were introducing legislation that would for the first time protect gay and transgender people from discrimination by businesses, landlords and employers. The proposal is backed by many business and faith leaders, but opposed by a powerful social conservative group.

Even with the powerful support of Speaker Rusty Bowers, the measure faces long odds in the Legislature, where social conservatives hold considerable sway with Republicans in the House and Senate. “I do not anticipate a rose strewn path in front of me, but we are here honorably and working together,” Bowers said. Bowers would not commit to holding a vote on the measure if it’s not supported by a majority of House Republicans.

Read the full article. Ten Arizona cities already have local LGBTQ protections, including Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, and Flagstaff. The proposed bill would also ban ex-gay torture statewide.