Vatican Issues Vaccine Mandate For Tourists And Staff

Religion News Service reports:

The Vatican has tightened its COVID-19 regulations by requiring the use of FFP2 masks (similar to N95 masks) inside and making vaccinations and booster shots mandatory for employees and visitors wishing to enter the Vatican Museums and gardens.

In an attached document, the Vatican also issued fines for people who do not respect the new regulations. Local media reported the fines range from over $28 to more than $1,700 for employees who fail to wear the FFP2 masks, don’t respect social distancing or don’t follow quarantine measures.

Starting Jan. 31 every Vatican employee will be required to present a “green pass,” proof of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19. Article 4 of the decree states unvaccinated employees will be considered absent without pay, which may eventually result in losing their position.

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